Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spring already??

Well I'm stil not organised enough to do any kind of serious blogging but I wanted to let you all know we are doing well :-) We are feeding on demand, and Alex demands feeding 2 hourly over the night, sometimes hourly and when we are lucky, every 3 hours :-) JUST when I think we are in a pattern, it changes- that's kids, right??
BUT look how cute he is! Could YOU say no?

You may remember I told you that Alex had an urinary tract infection at 10 days old. Well he has to have a follow-up scan on Monday, where they will put a dye through his urethra, then do an X-ray while he wee's, to check the wee flows the right way through the urethra and kidneys. Sounds terrible I know but I have been assured it's fine, and necessary of course. I'm sure nothing will be wrong with his tubes but in the slim chance there is a kink somewhere, it's best to fix it now than later on.
Also we go for his 2 month vaccinatins tomorrow (Sunday)- so it will be a very Sad couple of days :-( I am regretting making the vacc appointment the day before the scan, but I guess in a way it's best to get all the yucky stuff done and over with in 2 days rather than dragging it out over a couple of days.

Organising- what is it, again??? The house looks like a cyclone hit it, and that's on a good day! Haha! But I am getting time to wash Alex's clothes and nappies, doing the dishes when we run out of plates, and even get a shower every so often (although washing my hair has been out of the question this week!). We are doing well with the washing, in quite a little routine of putting a load on in the morning, bringing in the damp load off the line (it's been overcast a lot lately), putting the damp things in the dryer for the final drying, and folding the dry things. Alex brings up his milk a lot- so we have more than  the usual washing as whenever I am not organised to have a bib on him, his clothing gets vomit on it and he has to be changed again.

We are getting much better with being prepared- sometimes it feels like a military operation! Especially as it's been very very cold here (well, what we QLDer's call cold anyway- less than 20 C :-D) and our unit is cold- we don't have heating here. We have 2 electric heaters that would never heat the whole unit, so getting dry and warm after a bath or shower was a bit tricky. But I am doing better now, I have a bassinet on a stand with wheels that has made life alot easier. I take it into the bathroom, turn on the heater so the room is warm, get 2 clean towels warm in the dryer and roll them up so the warmth stays inside them while I shower Alex. When we come out I get him dry and warm quickly and wrap him up and put him in the bassinet while I get myself dry and warm. It's very bad if I get cold at this stage because of the nipple vasospasms I've been having (you can read about this horrible vasospasm through Lusi's blog- she has bravely suffered through it with 4 of her beautiful kiddies and hopefully not with your little no. 5 due now, Lusi!!!)

Alex is waking up- off I go, will try to write again soon!
Hope you are well!


  1. He's growing so fast and he's so beautiful. Just look at that smile. Hopefully we'll be down in the next week or so. Will talk tomorrow, on Skype, I hope.
    Lots of love to all of you. xxx

  2. Lovely photos :). I used to live down near Wagga Wagga NSW and my first baby was born in April. Consequently, having an outdoor bathroom, she was bathed with the baby bath placed on a plastic sheet covered by an old blanket in front of the combustion stove in the living room. Sometimes the highest day temp was lucky to be 6 deg Celcius and I didn't want a baby frostie! Your method sounds much better organised.
    Hope the immunisations and the scan aren't too traumatic for either of you.

  3. Ooh, he is such a sweetie! I love that grin! It sounds like your days are busy and full. I can remember with my first baby, I'd still be in my nightie until late morning - where does time go? I think a lot of time is wasted (?) just gazing into their eyes and marvelling at what you've produced.
    I used to park the bouncinette at the bathroom door and quickly shower (I can still do it in about 4 minutes!)then get dressed again. Then we had another baby and you do it all again! Phew!
    I hope all goes well with his tests and that the vaccinations don't upset him too much. He'll be right!

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. LOL I did the same thing Joolz with the bouncer when showering..I had a c section so would be hobbling around trying to hurry.

  5. Great to hear from you, have been wondering how it was all going. My daily aim with my first bub was to try and have a shower and get dressed each day, that was it! Nothing more. Having a baby is such a huge adjustment to ones life, realistically it has to take time to get things "organised" again. Enjoy every moment!

  6. He's completely gorgeous Sarndra. It sounds like you're both settling into a routine of sorts even if the breaks at night are pretty close together.

  7. Sounds like you are getting organized in the most important areas. What do you do with no heat ?~! I would be crazy if there were no gas heat in my home...

    Your son is as cute as a button. I’d like to hold him for an hour or two if you ever come to California. :)

  8. Sounds like things are moving along nicely...what a cute little bundle of joy he is.....When I had my first son almost 20 years ago, we didn't have a bath in our I bathed him (now DS19) in the laundry sink. You do what you have to and adapt. Loving the photos...he's growing so quick.

  9. Everything will balance out eventually and you will cherish the memories of this time. I hope all goes well with the medical things. Take care

  10. Hi Sarndra, nice to hear from you :) Babies certainly do have a way of throwing things into a happy kind of chaos. He is a little cutie!

  11. Hi Sarndra, Alex is so cute. You are doing well. He is growing and, by the photos, very happy. I understand how hard it is for them to be unwell, our first son spent alot of his first twelve months in hospital or at the doctors aswell. It is a very big worry for you and Shane, but you will make it through. Just keep loving that bub and it will all work out for your family.

    Cheers, Deb
    P.S. A tip in relation to the vomitting, we used baby bath towels to drape over our oldest when he was having his milk, as it covered more of him then a bib and if he got sick (which was nearly every feed) it absorbed alot more then just a bib. Keep smilin', Deb

  12. LOL.....yes that's kids and babies alright and as so you can you say no.It's amazing how much your life changes so quickly isn't it? But he is gorgeous and what beautiful baby skin he has....he looks really content x Chrissy

  13. Oh he is soooo cute : ) I couldnt say no!!! Ruthy x

  14. Okay, so he is the cutest thing! I'll bet kissing those little cheeks is a high priority these days, as it very well should be.

    Those early days are a struggle, but it will slowly get better, though it sounds like you are doing extremely well working it all out. If you are all fed and reasonably clean, nothing else matters. So what if you have spit up in your hair and clothes, that is the mark of a mommy!

    Enjoy these long days and I pray his shots and test go well.

  15. What gorgeous smiles! Sarndra my son went through that test many years ago. Hope it all goes well X Lynn (linnieloo at Rhonda's forum)

  16. How did things go Sarndra? How was the scan and the needles? Hope you are doing ok? It's hard when you are a mummy and your little ones are poked and prodded x Chrissy