Monday, September 30, 2013

Thank you :)

Thankyou for the lovely welcoming comments on my latest post :) Its lovely to have people here and I promise to do some catch up reading on your blogs as soon as I can. I had a lovely day at work in the fabric shop. Week 2 and I was on my own for nearly the whole day :) But it was nice and quiet with a steady trickle of customers to keep me busy. I managed to find time to do some cleaning  around the store and some re-organising of quilting magazines, journals for sale, ribbons, lace, amazing beaded embellishing items and of course fabrics. Honestly this does not even feel like going to work, it just feels like heaven :) When I think back to my waitressing days!! *shudder* Heehee :)
Yesterday was my birthday, the big 35! I had a lovely day being spoilt by my boys, starting with a beautiful hot cooked breakfast, a handmade card (aren't they just the best!!) earrings, lunch with my boys, friends and my brother; a huge cake in the afternoon and a lovely quiet evening watching DVDs with hubby. A perfect day.
I really enjoyed organising and cleaning in the shop today. Sorting the cotton homespun into a rainbow and organising all the ribbon reels back in to their colour groups, soooo blissful indeed :) My boys then picked me up and Alex had a little play with the toys in the back corner of the store (its avery family-friendly shop!).
I will have to post some pics of the store one day, all the fabrics lined up along the wall, its just divine. I don't know what I have done to deserve such a lovely job but it must have been something very good! Heehee!
I hope you had a lovely Monday as well. Do you have a job that you love? Xxxx

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to the blogging

Hi! Here is a little call out, a testing-1-2-3, anyone there? :) Its been a long, long time since I blogged. Basically when we had Alex I felt so over whelmed as a first time Mum and when I started sewing again, I had to make big sacrifices in order to cope. So the blogging had to be put on hold.
I am still super busy, but lately have been feeling the urge to write again! SO here I am, and I hope I am not alone here. Lol!
So please, give me a little *wave* if you're there. :)
For anyone new stumbling across this here my blog, it used to be about organising. Then I had my son, and lost almost all of my organising abilities Hehehe ;-) I'm sure some of you can relate.
So in a nut shell, since I last blogged in 2012, I have been keeping super busy with my small business bluebell alexander, which I run predominantly from facebook. Lately I have been trying to break away from facebook though. Its so great for keeping in touch with friends, and networking, and meeting really awesome new people who share my interests. But I can spend so much time on there, and surely a lot of that time could be better spent!! Also facebook is making things more and more difficult for small business owners. I'm sure some of you have fb business pages, and know what I am talking about here. Posts not getting seen, especially photos, and then the there's the constant threat of having to spend money to get noticed.
I have recently opened up a MadeIt store, we'll see how it goes. I am also working towards real life markets, in our local area, which I am planning with a crafty Mum friend of mine. We will share a stall. I'm so looking forward to selling my clothes in a different environment, where I actually get to meet my customers, have a chat, and even possibly meet the little ones who may be wearing my creations. (By the way, I make clothes for babies and kids, from vintage and new fabrics).
So, I've broken the ice, I've done my first post in over a year. Wow, I'm proud of myself! I'm juggling running a household, an extremely energetic toddler who my whole heart just bursts with love for, I have recently started working part time, and I run my small business designing, sewing and selling childrens clothing. Oh and did I mention I'm also planning to go back to uni next yer ;-) Lol!
Xx Sarndra