Saturday, July 2, 2011

If you're not Completely Sick of reading about my Birthing Plans...

Thanks to everybody's great suggestions I have added a few things to the Bag. Lis had a fantastic idea to break the bag up into 2 bags- one for if all goes to plan and I give birth without complications in the Birth Centre (located within the Gold Coast Hospital, on the same floor as normal delivery); the other for if I am transferred to normal delivery, and stay 3 or 4 nights.

If I am in the B. Centre I will be sent home 4 hours after giving birth, if neither Peanut nor I need medical assistance. This is because there are only two B. Centre rooms, and these two rooms are in high demand. However they will only take on a certain number of mothers in the B. Centre. I believe there are 6 midwives, split up into two groups of 3, and each group takes on one mother in waiting per week (the week the mother is due). Of course there is the chance that a few mothers may go into labour at the same time; if this happens its basically first in, best dressed (the unlucky mother would go to normal delivery).  But this rarely happens. This is why there is a waiting list to get in, here on the Gold Coast there is a very high rate of births for some reason. I guess due to the density of population but also apparently because alot of mothers come here from afar to give birth and have a holiday at the same time! My midwife told me. I thought that was fascinating; I can't imagine going away from home to have a holiday and give birth! But that's me :)

I am hoping all goes to plan and I have my room. It is very large spacious room on the third floor of the hospital, there is a huge spa bath for pain relief and/or birthing, a double bed, a large bathroom and various things to aid birthing such as those big bouncy exercise balls, bars to help with squatting, shower stool, mats for kneeling on the floor, and a birthing stool.

If you or someone you know are pregnant and may be interested in "active birth", I recommend you find out if there is a Birth Centre nearby. I'm only saying this now because before I was pregnant I had no idea that these places existed, and only found out from my friend Dana. She had a wonderful water birth with her first son, and was so excited to share with me her amazing drug-free birthing experience, at a Birth Centre in the Royal Women's Hospital in Brisbane. I too am hoping for drug-free birthing (I won't go into my reasons here but if you are curious or would like some links for reading materials please feel free to email me).

In my other bag packed for in case I am transferred and stay a few nights, I have added more clothing and tracksuits (suggested by Chrissy), more underwear of course, more baby clothing, tissues (suggested by Jamie), my own soft non-hospital toilet paper (as suggested by Kendall), pen and paper for thank you cards (suggested by Archer's Mum and Joolz), and Ural (thanks Julia). Also have thrown in a robe and extra slippers, socks etc.We got a great bag of goodies too, muesli bars, powerade, boiled lollies, and blue cheese like I mentioned earlier :-). I will also be hanging out for a strong coffee but alas, that is not recommended with breast feeding either. I guess another year or two wait is in order, unless I am going to pump...

We now have our new (old) car, handed down to us by my very kind brother and his girlfriend. They bought new cars each and wanted to help us. How lucky are we?? It needed a little work but not nearly as much as expected so it hasn't cost us much at all. It is a '98 Holden Barina and its fantastic! I absolutely love it, as it has power steering, air con and is automatic (unlike the Ute which my father in law very kindly sold for us).  So today I rang RACQ to book in to get the baby car seat installed. They are calling me back on Monday and hopefully we can have it done on Wednesday. It's only $25 and I think it's worth it as Shane and I know nothing about installing baby seats and of course its very important it is done properly.

There is really only one more thing on my To-Do Before Peanut Arrives list, and that is to take some final documents in to Centrelink to finalise the family payments application. I tell you, I have been in there 3 times now to get this done and each time I was told to bring something else in. And I did research this before I started the application, the first time I went in I felt very prepared but of course, not prepared enough. It's not very straight forward, as most dealings with Centrelink aren't, I've found. Fingers crossed this last visit next week will enable me to cross this To-Do off the list.

SO now we just play the waiting game and try to patiently wait for our precious little Peanut to arrive...


  1. Sarndra dear I have nothing to add other than my best wishes which are warmly sent.

  2. Hi Sandra, I did comment on the other post but for some reason it didn't stick! The only thing I could think of that could be handy is to ring the Birth Centre, or speak to anyone who's giving birth there to see if there's anything that you think the centre has already, or that people, once they have got there have needed/wanted.

    All the best. Cara
    PS Centrelink is terrible, I agree.

  3. I am interested to know what support you get once you leave the birthing centre, as far as breastfeeding and attachment etc...?
    And also after birth care?

  4. Hi Cara and Suzanne,

    After I leave the B.Centre my midwife visits me daily for a week and more after that if I need it. She is also a lactation consultant so she will be able to help with breast feeding. They also have a 24 hour help line I can call for assistance, and provide details for newborn drop-in child health centres in the area. If we have an emergency in between her visits, we will go back to the hospital.

    A while ago I was a little concerned about going home so early but knowing that she will visit me daily is good. I also think I will sleep better in my own bed, instead of sharing a room with 3 other new mums and newborns.

    Not bad eh?

  5. That sounds good, as I would worry if you werent getting the lactation info that every new mummy needs...boobs are great things! but you need someone to show you how to use them!!!
    I have only just weaned my third little possum after two and a half years nursing...that was a long haul...but so very beneficial in so many ways...wishing you well in the coming weeks Sarndra..xx

  6. Hi Sarndra,

    This is all new to me, learning about birthing centers in Australia. I'm praying you have a safe delivery and you get the room you want :) :) :) I'm a bit curious about the possibility of the hospital sending you home so early after the birth. do they have any kind of follow-up care via a nurse who comes to your home? I would hope make sure that m other and baby are thriving and healthy :) :)

    That's awesome about the car!!!! My dad and I were without a car for a whole year. Here in the States, people are really dependent on them to a certain e xtent. My grandfather bought us a used car...a 2003 Pontiac Grand Pix..four doors. It runs like a dream with air conditioning and everything. Since we paid "cash on the barrel" for it..meaning, we paid for it up front with no payments, we actually got a really nice discount on the car. The salesman showed us the slip for the car...and what they paid for the car when it came in. We got it for below original cost ;) :)

    Anways...I'm so happyt for you...great vehicle...wonderful baby on the way, nice relatives :) :) Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. The birthing centre sounds great and the follow up care is definitely a bonus. Hope everything goes smoothly and looking forward to baby pictures :).
    Re the coffee - have you thought of trying a coffee sustitute? I drank Nature's Cuppa when I was pregnant then breastfeeding with my last child (gosh, 13 years ago!). It has roasted grains, chicory and malt and while not giving the coffee 'buzz' it's quite nice. I didn't think about it then, but I'm not sure if chicory is bad for pregnant mums or not, but we seemed to have no side effects. Just search naturescuppa then coffee alternative.

  8. Will never tire of hearing about babies and mums and everything in between it's a culture you know...sounds like a fine plan Sarndra and the birthing centre sounds brillant.....almost like a good hotel they have a spa bath by any chance????

    So while your need to finish that blanket....maybe that's what he's waitng for ;) Chrissy

  9. All my best wishes are with you for the birth. Glad you liked my idea for the two bags.
    I love you idea of spending your last possible weekend together (just the two of you) and that you have really thought and planned for all the possibilites.
    take care of you :)

  10. Hi lovely one!
    So this is now about the 4th time I've tried to post on your blog in like 3 days! Hopefully blogger will play nice tonight and let me!
    You are SO well prepared for this! I can not wait to hear about how Peanut's birth pans out. I think it will be truly beautiful!
    I am glad someone suggested the paper and pen; I was going to suggest that. I always write a letter to our babies while they are in utero and then one on the morning I have them. It is just such a precious time and one that happens with so much excitement and I always enjoy looking back on those letters that capture things I may have forgotten down the track.
    The other thing I packed for longer hospital stays was a pack of uno cards for me and brett to play for when bubby was sleeping and there were no visitors! Not everyone's cup of tea, but we like that kind of thing!
    Having the two separate bags sounds like a really great idea.
    I am thinking of you!
    Love Lus x

  11. Now you can relax and try to get as much rest and sleep as possible - Julia

  12. Hi Sandra,
    You inspired my blog post today (and I linked to yours!) You sound right on track to me. That nesting & birthing instinct is ramping up and you are all set to go, (when peanut decides he wants you too!) It's all wonderful and exciting and I'm so glad you are savouring it :)

  13. Hi Sarndra

    Not long now! If I have one tip to give you it's this one...

    I have had four children now and I breastfed all of them, each one for varying lengths of time. I have finally had the most success with my last baby, and the only thing I can put it down to is due to the fact that I didn't do very much except rest and feed the baby for six weeks. This was because I had a caesarian ofcourse.. if I hadn't been 'forced' to sit still and take it easy then I would have done my usual, get home and get straight back into household stuff. I was truly blessed to have a group of friends that delivered dinner to our door everynight for two weeks until I felt human enough to do it! If that's not an option then do some batch cooking and freeze, freeze, freeze!! Try to do as little as possible and focus only on looking after the baby (accept all the help you can get!) to establish your milk supply and you should be right as rain. Trust me, it's the key!

    The other advice I need to give is buy a tube of Lansinoh from the chemist, it's wonderful to help heal with sore and cracked nipples!

    Best wishes!

  14. PS the c section was only because I had to, normal delivery is better any day!!

  15. Oh, I think Anje's advice is the best yet!! I have a midwife friend, and her best advice after baby arrives is "5 days in the bed, 5 days on the bed, and 5 days around the bed" before getting back to things. It was really beneficial with my last little one, and I plan to follow it again this time!!
    ~Melanie in Canada

  16. Thanks ladies! Excellent advice about staying in bed resting as long as possible. Luckily Shane will have 3 weeks off work so I will be able to rest in that time and we both just want to make sure we get the breastfeeding established.
    Thanks so much again everyone :-)

  17. Welcome Baby Peanut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x Chrissy