Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alex's Room Is Finished! :)

After my lovely Mother's Group meeting today I somehow managed to finish the cupboard in Alex's room, and I'm so pleased with it! One more time, here is the "Before" photo

And here is the "After" :-) Ok, so its not exactly Chez Larsson but it's functional :-D

Top shelf, where I have some Ikea boxes for storing Alex's keepsakes ( I haven't filled them yet but will label as I go), the Medela breast pump, and bulk Aldi baby wipes

Second shelf, I have a cute box that was a gift from Alex's Aunty Cinnamon, which I keep all his "grooming" things in, like creams, lotions and hair brush etc. Another box is for ornaments not being used at the moment (I have a few out around the house, and when I feel like a change I will pack them away and bring out some new ones). The other box stores the legs to an activity table and the Jolly Jumper when it's not in use. There's also room here in the front for smaller boxes or containers if I need to store other things later on.

Second bottom shelf, which is weak. I have put all the baby blankets and the lambskin in here, as they are light in weight so there isn't much weight on the shelf. I have put this container on a little wooden step, so that I can store smaller boxes underneath it. I love this step, and I always find a different use for it at every place I've lived. In the last home I had one of our stereos on top of it with CD's underneath. We now listen to our music from the computer so we don't need the stereos anymore.

Incidently, at the time I was taking these photos Alex worked out how to go from holding onto the shelf to holding on to the little chair nearby!! Clever boy :-) It still amazes me how every day he learns something new!

Here are a few more pics of this room, which I'm really happy with now. Some "Before's"

Dull, dull, dull. The dresser stores some of my clothes and we moved it into our bedroom. The ugly bookshelf went to the hallway.

This side pretty much stayed the same as I love looking out the window from my beautiful red breast-feeding chair. We can see the beach from this window.
And now, the "Afters"

I put all of the soft toys with hard eyes up on the shelf until he is old enough to play with them. The large teddy in the corner was a very special First Christmas present, handmade, by his Aunty Cinnamon.

We bought the little Lego table and chair off Gumtree and Alex loves it! Shane is still a Lego fan so he loves it too :-) Of course there'll be no Lego for a few years yet but its such a cute table, and the top turns around so it can also be used for drawing etc. so I couldn't resist.

Oh and also the other side of the cupboard, where I keep my drawing, sewing and craft things. Bottom is empty as its my Princess's hiding hole. I have the paper shredder poking out a little on the middle shelf there so that the door can't be shut completely, so the poor cat isn't shut in (which has happened a few times much to her disgust). Don't really love her sleeping in Alex's room, but not much I can do about that *sigh*

Middle of the cupboard, where my dresses hang, Alex's clothes and up top are nappy boxes storing baby clothing that are either too small or too big at the moment. I also have to store the vac and steam mop in here which I dislike as they don't fit well but there's simply no where else in our unit to store them

And finally, a beautiful paper boat garland given to me by my best friend Lissy. Its made with vintage French newspaper, and other bits of string, ribbons and buttons etc hang from it. I just adore it.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour of Alex's room.
"See" you all soon!


  1. Sarndra!!!! I love his room.

    My favourite is the Led Zeppelin poster :)

    I have about 11 of those big clear storage boxes in C & K's bedroom - they are blue and pink. I then also have some black ones to hide toys they still need to grow into :)

    1. Thanks Marcia!! :) (The poster is an old original, my Dad found it at a second hand record shop in a cool part of Brisbane. It's felt, and getting a bit hagged, I'm still umming and aahing whether I should get it laminated or framed to keep it in Ok nick! Would you?)
      Black containers for hiding toys is such a great idea!!
      :-) Xox

  2. Alex is adorable and so is his room! I, too, love the Led Zeppelin poster!

  3. Hey, it all looks blissfully organised......x

  4. Lovin' the red chair and the shelf above very cute :) as is the paper boats very gorgeous!

    It's good to see the cupboard shots. I can see the way you have grouped things together. We have a large double door linen press in the laundry and I think I might turn it all into containers on the shelves. Where do you suggest to look for containers? I had a look on ikea yesterday but mostly came up with woven ones? Being in the laundry I am thinking plastic containers might be a good idea and then they also stack well. I don't want to use cardboard as we have cockroaches and they live in anything orgainic like paper or cardboard. Can I send you photo for you to offer some organizing suggestions?
    x Chrissy

  5. Yes definitely plastic for the laundry, wicker or cardboard might go mouldy or be eaten as you said. I would love you to send me a photo! Where abouts are you? Do you have cheap stores near you like Crazy Clarks? Those shops are usually the best bet for cheapest plastic containers with lids. Lids are essential for stacking, obviously. Otherwise stores like K Mart are good when they have a sale on, sometimes with a sale the containers will be less expensive than in the cheap shops. Office supplies stores are great for good quality containers that you may not find in cheaper stores. (For myself, I go with cheaper rather than quality!).
    If you can email a few pics and a rough idea of what you need to store in the area, I might be able to come up with a few ideas for you :-) Send to sarndrahetzel@gmail.com
    Thanks Chrissy :-)

  6. NSW Sarndra....we take some pics over the weekend and email them off to you :)

    1. Hi Chrissy!
      Just wanted to let you know I didnt receive an email from you. You may not have gotten around to it yet but wanted to let you know in case you did send it and wondered why I hadnt replied! I dont check my spam as I get alot so it may have been deleted if it ended up in my spam folder :(
      Hope you are well!! have a nice weekend :)