Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bag Packed For Birthing

Thanks again all for your lovely comments and condolences xx It really means so much to me.

Chrissy had a great suggestion for me to show what's in my bag packed for the hospital. I've had the bag packed for a couple of weeks now (way too eager..) but I keep adding to it now and then. Poor Shane will need a trolley to wheel it from the car soon Lol :-) I think it's just about done now.

Here's the red bag packed

The contents are -

5 all-in-one warm baby suits sizes 0000 and 000

Baby accessories- singlets, booties, mittens, and hats

"Bunny rugs" or baby wraps

Underwear (that can be thrown afterwards) and maternity bra's

Cloth nappies, covers, snappi's and nappy bag

Disposable newborn nappies

2 packs of maternity pads

Face cloths (maybe for Peanut or maybe for me!)

Bathroom bag

Including toothbrush + toothpaste, moisturiser, deodorant, lip balm, nipple balm (although I have been advised by ladies from the ABA that these creams aren't always helpful) concealer, powder + lip gloss (for photos :-))

Large, comfortable loose nighties given to me by Mum

A beautiful white nighty from Mum I can change into for photos :)

Slippers + socks

Ice cream container in case I am sick in the car, and a plastic bag for dirty nappies and soiled clothing

Spare clothes for Shane, including swimming shorts if we use the bath

Old towel and shower curtain for me to sit on, in case my waters break in the car

A list of our birth preferences,  laminated. I have a place in the Birth Centre and the lovely midwives there all share my natural/ drugfree birthing aims, so this list isn't really for them.  I typed up this list in case I am transferred to the normal delivery suite and in case I come across any staff who don't share our philosophies. My midwife from the Birth Centre will come with us if I am transferred, and she will stick up for me and what Shane and I have chosen (such as low lighting, and a physiological third stage). I realise some staff wouldn't be happy to do everything I have listed here, but apparently if I have someone who doesn't agree I can request for them to be replaced (they will realise I am not the "backing down" type). Of course I am hoping it wouldn't come to that- but I like to be prepared :-) The list continues on the back, with breast feeding preferences such as wanting to allow Peanut to self-attach instead of someone pushing his head onto my breast (which friends have told me does sometimes happen). Also things like wanting him to be placed tummy down on the scales instead of on his back, and that I don't want him or my chest to be washed on the first day to enhance bonding.

Here is my freezer so far- 3 types of soup made and a risotto. If we don't have anything good in the fridge at the time we are heading to the Birth Centre, Shane can grab one of these frozen meals. He will also get my fruit flavoured ice blocks from the freezer for during the birthing. I have been advised to take a fair amount of our own food for after the birth.

Here's also a list I have put up by Shane's desk of things for him to grab on the day, like the phones and camera. I will check out the shower stool they have in the B. Centre to see if it is as good as mine and if so we won't bring ours (also would be awkward for Shane to be carrying the bag, the stool and holding my hand :-/)

I've also thrown in some photos of our favourite camping spot, waves and lotus flowers opening so I have nice images which will help me with the relaxation and visualisations.

I am still to get some more little things, I have a shopping list for tomorrow to get some soft cheeses and a small bottle of champagne for us to have a (tiny) celebratory sip after the first breast feed! My friend recommended this and I loved the idea. I haven't really missed alcohol but I have certainly missed blue cheese! :) I also have to get breast pads, boiled lollies to suck on during the birthing (I did the 40hr famine when I was younger so I know I can live on barley sugar for at least 40 hours :-)), and sports drinks such as powerade. Of course these aren't necessities but more nice-eties :)

I feel pretty prepared but maybe I've forgotten something- let me know if you can think of anything I've missed :-)


  1. That's too cute that you reminded Shane on the list not to forget the wife! :D
    I've nothing to add to the list as I haven't given birth before, but I do wish you all the best and a speedy and easy delivery!

    Take care, Claudia

  2. You look pretty blissfully organised. :)

  3. Thanks Claudia and Rose
    Yes I'm probably a bit too OCD organised here :)

  4. Very organized!! How did all of that stuff fit in that bag?!
    Do you have something for you to wear in the birth pool? I saw Shane's swim trunks, but nothing for you to swim in (a 2 piece suit, so at least your top half is covered), or a "birthing skirt" (or any skirt, really, if you prefer to be covered)...
    ~Melanie in Canada

  5. Wow, great list! Looks like you have it covered, the only suggestion Iwould makeis paw-paw ointment for cracked nipples (you have to wipe it off before feeding, but I found it the only thing that worked!)
    Oh and with the cloth (you probably already know this) use them after the meconium poop, Ive heard it can stain.

    Good luck, its a very exciting time!!!

  6. Hi Melanie,
    Good idea I should throw in a bikini top in case. Although it'll most likely just be me, Shane and my midwife so I will be able to feel relaxed in the nude too :)

    Hey Car!
    O yes good idea, I have some Lucas' pawpaw I hadnt thought of that. Its great stuff eh- my Dad swears it cured his sun spots on his hands. Good idea about the nappies too, I think i'll just use the disposables while in the hospital. I could probably leave the lovely cloth nappies at home. Thanks :)

  7. Wow that list and bag is awesome! My guys are 18 and 25 and all I remember taking to the hospital was clothing to wear home, an outfit for baby and some make-up, oh and deodorant. I think I even took my shaver to shave my legs as it was summer time when they both were born....other than that....now that I think about it, my mom brought me a robe to wear over my hospital gown. The hospital provided everything else and even gave car seats away for all newborns.
    I am so excited for you and the birth of Peanut. There is nothing better in this world than to hold your baby for the first time and the love you feel for this child will be like none other.

  8. You can buy dispoable or washable breast pads. I started off with the disposbale but switched to the soft cotton ones that can be washed. So much softer on your breasts and they are quick and easy to wash/dry. Saves $ also.

  9. Thanks Laurie! :-)

    Kimmie where did u get the cotton breast pads from? ive had a look on the internet and theres alot to choose from. its a great money saving + comfort idea, thanks!

  10. my sister made me washable breast pads- just a circle of fleece (or any soft fabric) backed with waterproof pul fabric (like used in nappies). also with the birth of our youngest (8wks today) i took a notebook & pen to write a letter to our new baby girl (planning on giving it to her when she starts her own family) and some gift/thank you cards to write and send to family and friends (so much easier to do this when resting up in hospital). oh and a friend told me to place a plastic backed picnic rug under the bed sheets just in case my during the waters broke during the night (thought that was a good idea!).

  11. Hi Sarndra, just on breastpads, I also used disposable for my first two babies, but a friend gave me two pairs of bamboo washable ones, absolutely amazing, so good for your boobies, take a look at that sort if you can find them.
    Suzanne...( yes, dont let nurses push your babies head onto you...bad memories .....)and dont let your baby out of you or your husbands sight after the birth.

  12. Hi, I think you are so very ready. Now peanut, don't let your mom and dad wait much longer !!!
    Have a great day and I hope to read about little peanut entering the world soon !!

  13. Hi
    All that stuff in one bag! You kid me. I think this must be a magic bag which is bigger on then inside!
    Seriously, looks like you have thought of everything!

  14. It's all beautiful, just like you. I can't wait.

  15. Hi Sarndra,
    You are super organised. When you buy the washable breast pads get the plain ones as I remember buying ones with lace on the back and they really didn't give a nice line under the clothing. I bought mine from target at the time.
    good luck and many blessings to you, shane and peanut. it will truly be the most amazing experience of your life.

  16. Hi Sarndra, You sound very organised. May I suggest one more item and you may laugh!
    Your own roll of toilet paper! I took a roll and I'm glad I did as the loo paper in the hospital is very scratchy not what you want when you are sore down there!!
    I also wanted to use lavender oil in my electric oil burner but they wouldn't let me plug it in so I used a glass bowl (mine)of very hot water and put a few lavender drops in it and sat it on the table next to the bed. I just kept refilling with hot water a few times a day. This was used while I stayed in hospital. I found it helped me sleep as well as my little one. I also used a couple of lavender drops in the sitz bath before I had my shower as I had stitches and found this helped witht the healing process.
    Birth is such a wonderful experience and I can't wait to go again!!

  17. Hi Sarndra,
    If you find the nipple cream to be useless on nipoles, it makes a great lip balm. Another suggestion is to sleep on a beach towel. With two of my four babies my waters broke during the night and I was able to just scoop the towel around me and waddle to the loo without needing to change bed sheets or anything.
    Kendall near Rockhampton

  18. And good luck. So pleased you have been warned about the pushing onto breast - it proved a disaster for us! You will have so much fun meeting Peanut so enjoy these last few days.

  19. Do put in a notebook and pen so you can record visitors and gifts, also feeding times (you get quite muddle headed in there). Are you planning to leave hospital as soon as possible or lying in for a day or two longer?
    Exciting times!


  20. Thanks so much for the wonderful suggestions!!
    Mel thats such a great idea about loo roll and lavender in hot water. i was wondering how i could use lavendar oil without being allowed to use a candle burner. thanku xx
    Also great idea to take pen + paper.
    Thanks so much all Xxx0

  21. Hi Joolz! If all goes well and baby or I dont need medical attention, I will leave the birth centre 4 hours after the birth. I was a little concerned when I first found out that but now I think I'll be happy to be at home and my midwife visits us at home evryday for a week or more if needed. She is also a lactation consultant and is very very lovely, so I'm actually very lucky! If I am transferred to normal delivery I will stay 3 or 4 nights in hospital.
    Thanks for your wishes!
    :-) Xxox

  22. Hi Sarndra, I'm a lurker from your MIL's blog, congrats on your imminent popping! If you have issues getting the bowl and hot water sorted for the lavender, a few drops on a hanky tied or tucked up near your face works too. I would also suggest hair ties(if you need them)/ a headband, as hair in the face when your working hard is a pain!
    In the event you do stay, I would recommend taking your own pillow if you're at all a finicky sleeper :)

  23. Hi Sarndra...the big day is soon approaching....it's so exciting for all of you.....you will be holding your little pea-nut shortly. What a joyous day it will be.
    I admire how organised you are with it all....Your photo idea reminds me of when I was really ill and couldn't get out of the house for months...I had hubby get some photos out of the beach and our local spots we like to visit..and made him blue tack them to the wall next to my bed and my reclyner in the lounge-room.

  24. Hi Sandy! WOW!! You are the epitome of organised!!!
    And what great comments! Not having given birth myself, my only suggestions will have to be girly creature comfort geared. I would suggest to bring a box of face tissues. I get real fussy with the rougher types it has to be super soft and ideally have aloe vera :)
    Just thinking outside the box here...and putting myself in your position... What about pillow/s in case you do have to stay a few nights; again I personally get real fussy with what pillow I sleep on (and how many i need!!) when i have to be away from home. Haha just to redeem myself, I am also very capable of sleeping with not much in a tent in rainy hot weather and not showering for a few days.
    Can't wait sandy!!!! You're my first close friend who is this close to giving birth!!! I can't wait!!
    Xxx all the best!

  25. I'd add a Bible or a card with a few special verses/sayings/readings/quotes written out.....helps if you have any time on your hands from surprises like C-sections and the extended time in hospital afterwards....as much as you'd not like that, one needs to be prepared for anything.

    Our first born was a planned "Ceasar" baby as he was a breech baby and just wouldn't turn downwards even with me standing on my head beforehand and lots of manual turning on top of my belly to encourage such (LOL!)...w/ several years of infertility beforehand, our gyne wasn't taking any chances with a breech delivery. So, there I was the night before feeling perfectly healthy and had time on my hands to read/pray/think/meditate quietly. A week's stay in hospital after the C-section meant lovely bonding time and I felt like I was in a hotel, so more time on my hands!

    When I heard with my 2nd born the words, "baby is going into distress" after a number of hours of normal labour, well....a C-section was the best option for her and, again, more time to bond & not rush out the door (our busy toddler had a ball home alone with Dad anyway!).....so the readings etc came in handy again.

    Praying for a safe delivery & a special time for you, Sarndra & Shane. Your life will never be the same again. :)

  26. You sound well prepared!! And do insist on what you want, after all, YOU ARE the customer!! Each of my 3 childbirths involved some mistakes on the part of the medical staff, some worse than others. You DO have to watch them like a hawk (or your hubby preferably). My hubby stuck to it for us and that helped.

    Elizabeth in USA

  27. You seem to have thought of it all. Only thing I would pack is some Ural in case of any tears, helps reduce the acidity of you wees. Best piece of advice i was given for post-birth. Those face washers will come in handy they are great to use instead of bibs, safer too.Julia

  28. My goodness :) You are really well prepared and thought of so many things. I bought my cotton breast pads from target or big w. I actually found the disposible ones very irritating. Wow loved reading about your birth plan.....yes lots of nurses do the shove your babies head on your breast introduction. Breast feeding ia amazing but strangely something that takes a bit of time and may be harder than you think, but don't give up and remember to not think badly of yourself if you find it a bit tricky in the beginning. You will need a full length robe whilst in hospital and most girls seem to wear comfy track suits during the day, not pjs so you might want to pop one or two in. How exciting for you....you have everything covered so now you can relax. Can't be long now x Chrissy XD

    PS. I also packed a mug and a small tin of milo.....for 1am feeds

  29. Hi Sarndra

    Bestof luck with your impending birth. It will definitely change your life once peanut arrives. If your bag is getting too full perhpas you could divide it into two. The things you need for the birth and a few hours after and the things for a hospital stay if required. Then you could leave the second bag in the car and hubby can fetch it later when you are resting :)
    My breast pads were homemade by my sister. Two circles of towelling overlocked on the edges, they worked fine for me and were absorbent enought that I didn't need a waterproof layer.
    All the best.

  30. That's a great idea Lis.....one bag for the birth centre and the 4 hour stay and one bag for backup :) Chrissy

  31. Yes that sure is a brilliant idea Lis! I will split the bag into 2 like u suggested and then Shane can come and get the other one while I rest if I need to stay in.
    I have ordered bamboo reusable breast pads, thanks Suzanne for that tip. I also bought some Ural, thanks Julia. The lady in the chemist told me it was a great idea.
    Such great ideas from everyone, thanks so much :-)
    Only 9 days til my EDD!! :-D

  32. Hi Sandra, I'm in the process of packing my hospital bag and I remembered you did a great post on it. Very helpful indeed. From your experience was there anything you wish you had taken that you didn't?
    Cheers Sarah in Canberra