Friday, June 24, 2011

Mobile for Peanut

Thank you so much everyone for your thoughtful, heartfelt comments yesterday. Mum has been in touch and told me that Grandma is peaceful, they have given her some pain killers so she isn't in pain. That's a relief. I'm not sure what the next few days will bring.

I am trying to staying positive and happy for our little Peanut. I have finished the mobile for his room, I wanted to share it with you. Now I will have to get back to the baby blanket which I am disappointed to admit hasn't progressed as much as I would've liked. Perhaps it will be ready for winter next year instead :)

The glass beads make a nice tapping noise which adds interest.

I think it is hung a little too high, I will probably move it to over the cot in our bedroom anyway.

Shane is flying north on Sunday to pick up our new (2nd hand) car. We've had the 2 seat Nissan Ute (tray back) so it'll be great to have the new little family car just in time for Peanut. I'll be a teensy bit anxious while he is so far away but it's only for 1 day and my lovely friend Valerie will be visiting me, which is perfect timing in case I need a lift to the hospital! Of course I am not expecting him to come this early. I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend.


  1. The mobile is beautiful! I hope the new car will gie you many happy miles.

  2. Love the new mobile, vary cute!
    Having a larger car will a make life easier for you and peanut.
    Spend your days in rest not worry

  3. Nice mobile, Peanut will love it!

  4. I love the mobile Sarndra. All the best for the next couple of weeks. Will be thinking of you. Try to relax and have some nice quiet time for yourself and for yourself and Shane. Rest, sleep or just do what you want to. xxoo Take care.

  5. Love the mobile! You did a really good job on it. Enjoy your visit with your girlfriend!

  6. Dear Sarndra
    I haven't visited your blog for a few days, so have only just found out about recent events in your family.
    You are experiencing the circle of life in a very profound way and so I am sending you warm wishes at this difficult time.
    Your mobile is beautiful and I'm sure that Peanut will love to watch it as he lies in his cosy cot.
    Much love, Stella

  7. HI Sarndra,
    I found your blog via your mother-in-law Rhonda over at Down to Earth. I thought I'd signed up as a follower and apparently that wasn't the case :( So now that this situation is remedied, I can keep up with your posts ;) :) I'm always interesting in organizing tips for the home ;) :)

    Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  8. I read your blog post, and I"ll be praying for your grandmother and for the rest of your family. It's not an easy tim e, but you write with such care/love about her. She must be a really neat lady :) :)

    The mobile is adorable :) :) It's got a really sweet vintage look to it, too :) :) Of course, I love vintage anything :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  9. Thanks so much everyone! Its so lovely reading your comments :-)
    Xxo Sarndra

  10. Finish the blanket Sarndra then your baby will come. You wont have time to finish it for next winter. I bet you will get a new burst of nesting right towards the end....from me it was a last shopping trip to fill my freezer with food for after we all came home. I ran out of time and energy to cook so I just bought things that I knew would be easy meals not necessarily prepackaged. Maybe you could show us a little of what you have organised for you and peanut for hospital. Take extra food and drinks - museli bars and juice. Giving birth and feeding takes a lot of sustained energy and you will be suprised at just how hungry you are x Chrissy

  11. Oh thank you Chrissy x thats a great idea. I will post about my bag, I've had it packed for about 2 weeks already :-D i am eager.