Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Kitchen Challenge- Pt 1

One of my organising jobs last year was in this beautiful kitchen. It was a lovely design but definitely raised a challenge- there was no tall pantry for food- only deep drawers.

The Mum of the household was at her wits' end with the deep drawers, because as soon as she had put the tinned food away, she could no longer see what was where. As you can see, only the tops of the tins and jars are visible and most of the tops are plain.

I went through all the drawers and found that some of the lower ones weren't being used. I knew that I could spread the higher drawers' contents throughout these lower ones. This meant I could use these fantastic drawer organisers, bought from the wonderful Howard's Storage World (I'm not being paid for advertising here; perhaps I should look into this...). Unfortunately I don't have a photo of them on their own, but they are a plastic version of this one

Hopefully you can see what they are like, in this after photo. You can see the job they do anyway- they let tins and jars lie back but not completely flat, so that you can clearly see the label.

If anybody would like a better picture of these drawer organisers I can go back to Howard's and take a photo of one. Here is another one helping with spices

This drawer is right next to the cooktop, so it made sense to also have the large knives here. We didn't like the way the knives were loose though, so I found this gorgeous drawer knife-block (also from Howard's)

Isn't it lovely!! Here is a close-up :-)

Large utensils drawer, before a culling (unwanted items were donated to a charity shop)

And after the culling- now things that are used in the household are easy to find -

Here is another one of those drawer organisers, being used for breakfast spreads

I will continue with A Kitchen Challenge- Part 2, soon :-)
Happy mid-week!!


  1. That looks really fantastic. Those are great tips for people without a pantry !!!
    Have a great day.

  2. Love the white kitchen :)

    I don't know if we get those can organisers here in South Africa but they're a great idea!

    What do you use the space underneath for, or don't you use it?

  3. I Love the white kitchen! Thank You~~ for showing us a solution to the use of all drawers in a kitchen..I have never seen a kitchen with ALL, drawers for canned/tin goods...the racks you chose are wonderful.

  4. I have the opposite problem in my kitchen: All cupboards and no drawers! I'm constantly cursing the lack of space. :(

  5. Hello Ladies,
    Yes isnt the white kitchen lovely! So open and well lit too, with natural sun light.

    Marcia thats a great idea to store small things under neath the drawer organisers, I hadn't thought of that. Do you have a Howard's Storage World or similar in JHB?

    Blessings, thank you :-)

    Hi Sorcha, that is a problem. Do you use cutlery trays inside the cupboards for your utensils? I will brain storm about this one :-) It sounds like you need things to help you layer items in the cupboards, such as steps, to place cans etc on, at the back of the cupboard. I will try to do a post about what I mean another day.

  6. My kitchen doesn't have a pantry either- only low cupboards. I would much prefer drawers! You can slide them out and see what's at the back. Those solutions you've used make it a very good system.

  7. This is briliant, I cleaned out and decluttered my kitchen drawers on the weekend.....this gives me great ideas, Thanks!