Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Kitchen Challenge- Pt 2

Another challenge in this same kitchen, was the height of the top cupboards. They were above head level, so it was difficult to reach up and bring heavy objects down, such as these platters and bowls-

So I moved these down to a lower drawer

I find that "less is more" when it comes to organising heavier objects such as these platters. The more that are stored in the one place, the more difficult it can be to access the one you are after. So instead of over-crowding this drawer, I also used this cupboard which is underneath the end bench, to store the remainder platters. Also here are the cake trays and oven trays, all kept upright and beautifully neat thanks to yet another Howard's product. These plastic stands are fantastic! They are of the perfect weight and have textured surface, so there is no chance things will slide around or break.

Back to the higher cupboards- here is a before photo of vases and beautiful little coffee cups. Also up there are some small glass cake stands that the Mum wanted to be able to reach, without having to get the step-ladder out

I discovered that the shelves were easy to move- so I did just that. I also moved the coffee cups to the cupboard next door, and placed the small cake stands here on the lower shelf which are easier to reach. Even though the vases are now higher, they are stil easy to access, as you naturally reach for the bottom of the vase to bring it down.

This family are big on parties- and apparently throw fantastic ones, isn't that great? I'm looking forward to throwing children's birthday parties myself one day :-) Their "party cupboard" would get a lot of use throughout the year, so it needed a little help to stay organised. I was impressed with how many wonderful party things they had- fun party hats, table cloths, sparklers, decorations, candles, etc etc.

It didn't take me long to group like items together and pop them into these inexpensive boxes from Ikea, and label the boxes. Now the family can easily find the right items for the next party-

The tall bottles such as oil, tomato sauce etc, had to stay up in one of these top cupboards due to their sizes. I put them into these little baskets, so the whole basket can be grabbed instead of having to bring each sauce down one by one. It also helps prevent things getting lost at the back of the cupboard. Before-

After- in baskets-

OK just one more before and after which I love- these are from under their sink-

Add some pretty baskets, organise and Oooh lovely!

'Til next time, see you!


  1. Wonderful makeover of space!

  2. Thanks Blessings! (P.s. do you think this sized photo is better or the smaller size in my previous post?)

  3. Hello Sarndra
    Methinks Ill be visiting your blog quite frequently lol
    I don't think I've seen an organising blog as clear and simple and easy to understand as yours. Thank you
    Take care
    Still Waters

  4. Lots of great ideas here!
    I tried the sauce bottles in baskets like that and had trouble pulling the whole basket out, as it was too wobbly. Instead I got a sturdy plastic tote from Bunnings from the tool section, with a handle in the middle, that I can grab, pull the whole tote onto the bench to find the right sauce(s) and then they all go back. Plus, the tote is solid on the bottom, so if the bottles drip, it stays within the tote.

  5. Looks wonderful Sarndra. Those baking tins, that would be a great idea for my kitchen. They are always all over the place.
    The little baskets with ketchup etc. are already in use here ; )
    Have a great day.

  6. REALLY love all the ideas you've shared! What a FABULOUS makeover! It looks AMAZING and I bet this family were just STOKED with the outcome!
    I just love seeing before and after shots like these :-)
    I owe you a return email ;-)
    Sending much love!
    Lus x

  7. Hi Cathy! Thats so good to hear, thank u :-) I worry I probably waffle on a bit too much, but I am so enjoying the Blogging World!! Especially being in touch with so many lovely people :-)

    Annet- the Tote sounds AWESOME- i too have found plastic baskets not strong enough when theres a few bottles. Thanks!!

    Hi Lovely Monique and Lovely Lus-
    Thanks you girls :-) I wish you both a beautiful day Xoxox


  8. You have a real talent. I wish you lived close to me. I could certainly use some of your skills. But as I live down south I will just have to take a few tips from your posts! Thanks for sharing. Kate

  9. Hi Sarndra
    Loving your blog and your simple style of writing. I'm interested to know something though. When organising someone's house, do you already have a large stock of baskets, boxes etc and use what you need or do you make trips to the shops as you are organising. Hope that makes sense?!

  10. Can you tell me what those divider things are called that you used to hold the platters and cake tins? I'd love to find something like them in the States. Thanks!

  11. Hi Jen,
    I've been looking in Howard's storage world website for the cake tin holders but I cant find them anymore. Perhaps they no longer stock them. I will have a look next time I'm in the store. But I would ask at an organising shop if they have cake tin/ platters/ oven tray stands with a grip base. These ones in my photo have 6 sections. Good luck- I hope you find them.

  12. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks so much for doing this post! I can't believe it's taken me this long to have a look! So many fantastic ideas that will certainly make my life easier, especially the baking tin organiser, I definitely need one of those. :)
    Thanks again.