Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm grateful for..

Inspired by Lusi and  Maxabella, I am thinking of things I am grateful for, during these last couple of weeks of my pregnancy.
  • First and foremost, my amazingly supportive, endlessly patient, loving and back-rubbing husband Shane
Shane when he was little. Sooo cute!
  • Both of my families- for amazing help with cars and for constant loving support; 
  • My Calmbirth course and relaxation CD's which keep me sane;

  • My Peacebaby CD, also keeping me sane;

  • Lovely skin cream and oil which so far (fingers crossed) have prevented stretch marks; 

  • Shower stool so I can sit down (we don't have a bath) from Aldi (best thing I've bought this year!);

Eww look at the mould- seriously need to get the Oil of Cloves out

  • Super soft organic cotton undies from Target in super large sizes ;
  • Ant-acid which unfortunately is a regular part of my diet (cold milk no longer cuts it);

  • Small hand made cushion I can fit in my bag and necessary for sore pregnancy back;

  • Lovely visitors and blog readers who don't mind that my house and my blog have nothing whatsoever to do with organisation lately (I will blame it on Baby Brain and the fact that I had my "Nesting" early on in the pregnancy and for some reason am totally fine living in disorganisation at the moment :-))

Thanks for still reading despite my lack of writing on organising! I'm sure it will eventually come back to me...


  1. They sell Gaviscon by the bottle now? Man I wish I knew that when I was pregnant... Could have bought shares I had the tabletsin the desk draw, hand bag, bedside table - you get picture???

  2. Sarndra, Love the blog. Organising is great but we all need a break now and then and there is no better reason than the last few weeks of pregnancy. Make yourself comfortable, relax and enjoy!

  3. Lol I used to carefully measure it out and take note of the daily recommended dosage- now i carry it under my arm taking swigs all day :)

  4. Hi lovely :-) such great things that you are thankful for!
    Loved hearing about them all :-)
    Much love,
    Lus x

  5. You don't have much longer before baby is here - I'd give the advice to just rest and relax as much as possible with your CD's and back rubs because there are MANY sleepless nights ahead of you.

  6. What a lovely list of things to be grateful for!!
    I'd be grateful for some time to do a post on my already neglected littleniteowl, as well as clean the house and organise my life in general....take care and can't wait to meet little Peanut xxx

  7. Those are great things and Shane really was a very cute little boy.
    Have a great day.

  8. Hello Sarndra, oh Shane is so handsome, your little Peanut is going to be one good looking chappie.


  9. Hello Sarndra,

    Your blog is a delight to read...I look forward to checking it out each day.
    I have a mould and the use of oil of cloves to get rid of it. Can you give information please?

  10. I love your on-the-go pillow - great idea.

    I could hardly walk some days when I was pregnant with the twins :)

  11. I love visiting your blog and don't mind what you choose to write about! I visited via Down to Earth and you are now on my list of favourites. Am so looking forward to your babys arrival. The Internet is an amazing thing. It's an added bonus to be able to share in someones life joys so far away. With love from PennyL in Dorset on the south coast of England. xxx

  12. Sarndra, don't worry about the lack of organising info. Actually this post would help mums get organised with things that would be helpful for your stage of pregnancy. It is lovely sharing your pregnancy journey with you. My boys are now 10 and 13. I love how you are using natural products for your body and cleaning. How do you use oil of cloves for the shower? Do you use it straight or dilute it and do you buy it as an essential oil. Also, please don't put too much pressure on yourself with your blog after baby is born. Savor the time and blog when you feel like it. I am sure your readers will be patient. I will look forward to a photo though on Grandma's Blog. xxoo Julie

  13. Your blog is lovely to read, organization or not! I'm looking forward to the post that announces the birth of your precious little Peanut.
    Kendall near Rockhampton xx

  14. Your mobile is lovely, I think getting all those sweet details done in readiness is a sort of organising and nesting, so enjoy.

    For heartburn, I find a teaspoon of bicarb soda in a glass of warm water, with a bit of lemon juice added more effective than the over the counter remedies...hard I know when you're out and about, but I found two glasses of the above and I've had no more problems. Having said that I know everyone is different and being pregnant it may be ongoing anyway, but perhaps worth trying while you're at home?.......Nanette

  15. Lol, I can SO relate, your post made me giggle!!
    When are you due (if you don't mind sharing!!), I "officially" have 4 weeks from today, but tend to keep that to myself IRL so that people don't bug me about it!!
    Take care,
    ~Melanie in Canada

  16. Hi Sarndra & Shane, Sorry, Sarndra I have lost your email address. Just wanted to wish you two a Happy Wedding Anniversary. Hasn't a lot happened in two years. Thinking of you both. Love Tricia

  17. I'm not even pregnant but I still want one of those shower stools (we lack a bathtub also). ;)

  18. Thank you so much everyone. Your comments have made my day. I haven't been on the computer for a couple of days.
    Anon and Julie,
    Oil of Cloves or Clove Oil, or Clove Bud oil, does kill mould spores. I use it diluted in a spray bottle of water (about a capful in about 150ml water) to clean mould of leather and shoes etc (I used to live right by the beach and the humidity would make my leather belts and shoes go mouldy). It does kill the spores and prevent it coming straight back, with leather.
    With the mould in the shower, unfortunately its not always so effective. I use it straight undiluted (dab it on the worst bits) and it does kill and get rid of some mould but not always all of it and it wont always get rid of the black mould stain. In this case after ive tried the oil of cloves, and it hasnt removed all of the mould staining, i then use a tiny amount of bleach to get rid of the remaining stain. I dont like using bleach but at least using just this tiny bit at the end isnt as bad as using only bleach for the whole job (hope this is making sense here!).
    I find the oil of CLoves works very well on the pink mould in showers but not so well on the black mould.
    Let me know if you try it and how it works for you!!

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about my blog. Its so nice to have support from all over the world!

    Xxxo Sarndra

  19. Thanks Nanette, I did try bicarb at the start recommended to me by my sister. It did work for a while but sadly no longer :-)

    Hi Melanie I am due on the 11/7, in 2 weeks today :-) I didnt think they were right with my EDD though so we will see how accurate it is. My boy is head down now engaged so thats good. Of course I just want him to come when he's ready :-)


  20. It's ok to be disorganized now.. just good preparation for what's to come! What an exicting time for you.

  21. Don't worry about the organisation...It will come back to you...I love reading your blog, no matter the topic...Once bub comes along, you will develop a whole new organisation plan think of this time as a break from it all...your on vacation...sit back, relax and enjoy your cd.....
    Hope all goes as planned for your EDD.

  22. Thank you Sarndra for the oil of cloves info. I will let you know how I go. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Much love Julie xxoo