Friday, May 6, 2011

Labelling- I'm an addict

Our unit could look as if a foreign exchange student learning English lives here, with the amount of little labels scattered throughout the premises. Yes it can look a little daggy, but it makes mine and my husband's lives, much easier.

A label maker is an essential item, if you are striving for more organisation in your life. I bought my Dymo from officeworks for around $50, a very worthwhile purchase. It has so many uses, where can I start?

In the kitchen, I store most of the pantry items in tupperware (I don't mean the expensive Tupperware brand, I just use that word for small containers for storing food :)). I love the look of an organised pantry with food stored neatly in containers. Also it minimises cockroaches, and therefore the need for nasty chemicals to kill the cockroaches, helping to keep my life eco-friendly. I label the tupperware containers with what is in them, and sometimes the date if it is a perishable item. I also label the shelves in the pantry. Yes I am a little OCD about labels. I find unpacking groceries so much quicker and brainless (and face it, most of us ARE brainless after a few hours grocery shopping), when you can easily see where to put the particular item. My husband loves the labels as well, as my kitchen system may not always come naturally to him, and the labels prevent tension in our relationship :-D

Labels have many more uses than just in the kitchen. I have recently labelled the drawers in our baby's room. We were kindly given a pile of hand me down baby clothes, of all different sizes. Knowing that I will be extremely busy with him when he is born, I organised all of the clothes into sizes from 0000 to 1, placed them in order in the drawers (smallest up top and bigger down the bottom) and labelled the outside of the drawers. I know this will make putting away the washing and "quick grab a fresh babysuit" much easier when we are busy new parents.

What do you use labels for? Please share your tips as well :-) I have many more uses for my label maker that I will share in the future, with photos as well.


  1. I love my label maker too. I use it for everything from makeup, to spices, to folders, storage boxes, etc. It really comes in handy. Came here from your mum-in-law's blog - you have a lovely blog here! I can be quite thrifty but am always needing to be more organized. Can't wait to learn some more ideas, thank you.

  2. Love love love labelling we have alot in common!
    Almost everything in my kitchen pantry is labelled. I labelled a hidden set of drawers in our daughters' room because they have various sets of sheets and pillowcases (summer and flanelette) and I like them to be put away in the same places each time so I can find them easier in the middle of the night!
    I also organise my linen cupboard into baskets. Each shelf has two baskets and each basket is labelled so everyone knows how to put away linen and the proper place to grab it from!
    My eldest daughter, who is not naturally an organiser, has learnt well how to put things away in her room since I labelled some funky pink boxes for her. She does really well now with putting things away. She's only 9 but just goes to show how labels help!
    Lusi x

  3. Love Love Love my label maker! My daughter has Ikea Billy shelves in her room and I label the boxes so she knows what goes where.

  4. Hi Ladies again- Im so glad you are all as label-kooky as me :-D Its awesome. Another thing I just though of with little ones. One of my organising jobs was with a family with little ones too young to read, but they wanted to help put the toys away (bless) so instead of labels I used photos on the outside of the toyboxes- barbies, lego, building blocks etc. I laminated the photos and stuck them on the outside, so the little ones could see where to put away the toys!
    Cute eh :-)
    Have a happy week and thanks again for sharing

  5. I label, I list, I plan: I think I shall enjoy your blog immensely. Welcome to Blogland! :)

  6. My wife does the labeling thing, actually. And she's kind of obsessed with it too. But that's okay because it helps us keep things organized at home. Almost everything inside the house has been labeled!