Saturday, May 7, 2011

Before & After Photos- Organising an Office

This is a before photo of one of my client's office. They had the right idea, to use containers for storing paper work. They just needed a little guidance to get the office organised and looking lovely.

Office Before photo

Office Before photo

Now see the result after my organising the office.

Office After photos.

I sorted out all of the family's paperwork and office supplies, and came up with strategies to help the family stay organised. The office is often a place for disorder and chaos in many homes. Note the use of beautiful colourful boxes, labelled, to keep things in order. Remember the simple rule- keep like items together. Simple strategies set in place and followed can help you stay focused, achieve your goals and create your perfect office bliss!

Office After photos

I hope you've enjoyed checking out these Before & After photos from one of my organising weekends. Stay tuned for more pics!

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  1. I see from your posting "From Little Things, Big Things Grow" that your husband is similar to mine.

    My husband likes to leave things where he uses them, for me to return to "their place"!

    It's not as though he doesn't know where they bellong, for he always knows where to find them next time. LOL

    Drives me nuts LOL

  2. Thank you for the well documented story, Sarndra. My office is in a similar state than the 'before' photos but a lot more cluttered, as a lot more papers have been collecting over the years. Need to archive urgently.
    Would you be able to give some information about the cost of the boxes and folders you used for tidying up? Irma

  3. Hi Sarndra. I've found your blog via Rhonda's post. I too would like to know where you got your boxes from. I like the clear boxes with the coloured lids. They'd be good for kid's stationery.

  4. Looks great. I love the colour pop those boxes bring to the area. xo m.

  5. The after photos are amazing!
    I wish my "office" area looked this good =)
    Getting started is one of the hardest things...

  6. Hi Ladies- thanks so much for your feedback!!
    I seek out boxes and stoarge containers from a variety of places, but mostly from Ikea, Officeworks, and also cheap places like Crazy Clark's. I'm not sure if you have these stores where you live?
    The large white cardboard boxes in the after photos with lids are from ikea, I cant remember ho wmuch but about $8 or $10 each, and they are flat packed. They are great for paper work, but not too much weight as they are only made of a thin cardboard so they would fall apart easily.
    The small plastic ones with colourful lids were from Crazy Clarks- about $4 each!! Its amazing what you find in those chepa junky shops. Those ones are great for kids- tough and colourful :-)
    The larger colourful boxes were from Kikki-K- they are more expensive, maybe about $30 each- and were bought by the Mum of the household coz she adored how they looked.
    Its good to keep your eye out for sales in shops like Officeworks- especially if you need quite a few containers- it can add up.

    I really recommend a filing cabinet if you dont already have one. It might be worth checking out charity shops for cheap second hand ones. Sorting out paper work is a slow process, and you need to allow yourself plenty of time to do it, perhaps even over a couple of weeks. Spread out over the floor (make the office a No-go area for the rest of the family- so they dont mess up the piles you are creating) sort all the paper work into "like" piles- for eg electricity bills together, then file under E for electricity (or whatever filing system you decide on).

    Also get a cheap shredder- I only keep paper from the last couple of years- anything before that (except tax) is shredded. Never just throw paper work in the bin- too risky with all the identity theft these days.

    Good luck!! ALl the best

  7. hi Sandra!I'm an obsessive organiser too & I just started my organising company.I love all your post I went thru and I copied some pictures from this post,I seek your permission to use dem. I love the office organisation. Weldone and keep up the good work.

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