Friday, May 20, 2011

Wardrobe Organising

Now is a perfect time to get my clothes organised. I find that the change in seasons gives me the motivation I need to do some "clothes rotation" work. I've had my summer dresses and singlets etc hanging in the easiest-to-access area in the front of my wardrobe, with winter clothing stored up high in clear boxes, labelled. So I have been swapping them over- warm long sleeved tops and jackets come down out of storage, and up go the skimpy clothes that I definitely don't wear during autumn/ winter.

I always hang like with like- so all the dresses together, all the t-shirts together, jackets together and so on. I also group the clothes into like colours, so its so much easier to find what I am looking for. I love wearing colourful clothes and I love seeing my clothes lined up in the wardrobe like a rainbow- reds together, blues together, and on the end are the blacks and greys.

The same goes for intimate apparel- out comes my warm woollen tights and cuddly bed socks, to the front of the sock drawer. I make the most of the vast space up above my built-in closet, there's usually a shelf up there in most homes that goes all the way to the ceiling. Once you have a sturdy step-ladder and a few big plastic boxes with lids, you can really make use of that space. By storing the clothes you wont wear right now, it really opens up the wardrobe so that your clothes aren't crammed and being crushed.

While I am doing this clothes rotation, I keep my eye out for any clothes to be donated to charity. I take them straight to the laundry to be washed and once dried pack them into a garbage bag and placed in the car, so that I won't forget to deliver them. Otherwise the bag might sit somewhere in the house for months and never make it to the op-shops.

I could go on and on with tips for great wardrobe organisation, but will leave the rest for future posts :-) I hope you have a happy and productive weekend. Tomorrow I am having Sunny, nephew Jamie and another friend Hiari over for some knitting and crochet- a little craft circle :-) I cant wait.


  1. Good post on clothes, Sarndra. I would love to be at your little knitting circle. Give that beautiful baby of ours a big hug from grandma, give my love to Sunny and say hi to Hiari for me. Hugs R

  2. Thanks Rhonda, we had a lovely afternoon. Not a huge amount of knitting got done- but we enjoyed the company, chatting, eating and laughing; like all good craft circles should have :-) Love to you and Hanno for a happy weekend x

  3. Love that you organise by colours. I do too and people look at me like I'm crazy when I say that :)

    Also love how your jewellery is out but neatly displayed. I'm sure you wear it a lot more because you can see what you have.

    Did you see my jewellery organising inspiration post a few weeks back (on a Sunday)?

    Thank you for visiting my blog - stick around :)

    I love your clean and uncluttered blog - I'm in the process of simplifying mine too. There are over 5 years of posts so as you can imagine, it's a long process.

  4. Hi Marcia,
    I have to admit that I'm a litle star-struck - I am a huge fan of your amazing blog :-) Thank you so much for checking out my blog and for your comment. Yes I did see your blog about jewellery organising, I think I left a comment (although it may not have posted- I am new to blogging and stil getting the hang of it). I absolutely loved that post of yours because organising my jewellery is something that I am quite obsessed with- it can get so messy otherwise!
    Your blog is very lovely and easy to navigate around (for an inexperienced blogger ;-)) and I love the design.
    Thanks so much again for visiting.

  5. Hi, I found your link at down to earth and I must say it is great to find your blog. I could really use organizing tips, so I will be visiting again. Have a great weekend !!!

  6. Hello Sarndra,

    I'm a long-term reader of Rhonda-Jean's blog, so I feel as though I've "known" you for quite a while. :) I could definitely do with a better organisation in my home, so I will be sure to check out your blog regularly!

    Happy weekend, Claudia

  7. Hi Monique- thanks for visiting! I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

  8. Your Mother-in-Law suggested we come over and visit.

    And you have a delightful idea for a blog.... Who among us, couldn't be more organized? :-)

    Enjoy blogging!

    But oh dear! You have the *dreaded* Word Verification Setting on! -sigh- Did you know that there is a blogging movement, to rid blogging of the *dreaded* Word Verification Setting? There is, and you can see Buttons on Sidebars, saying this.

    My suggestion, don't use the *dreaded* Word Verification Setting, unless you know you really neeeeeeeed it. You just may get more commenters, that way. :-) Because if a blogger really doesn't like the *dreaded* Word Verification Setting, she may just go away. Without going through the having to do the Word Ver. setting. And you'll never know she was here.

    Gentle hugs,

  9. Hello to you! Organization is always needed, everywhere. I will visit again, because everywhere includes my little home. Thanks.

  10. You are an inspiration - I aim for what you do and am usually organised - my partner would like to live off a rubbish heap. We compromise!
    great ideas - Peanut will make you not care for a while - but it will come back and being organised each day helps you achieve more in less time... please just remember ( and i had 4 children) , that there is a difference between "I should" do this - and getting it done as the guilt gets to you... aim for a list that says "I WILL" do these and If there is time, maybe some of the rest... superwomen get too stressed to enjoy their baby.
    Mothers Matter Too

  11. Hi Claudia, Thanks for visiting. I hope you also have a lovely weekend.
    Hi Aunt Amelia, thanks for the tip- I didnt realise I had the *dreaded* word verif. enabled- yes its very annoying!! I have disabled it. Thanks so much for your help- much appreciated!

  12. Sarndra, stopping over from Down To Earth to say Hello, and I find your blog refreshing and look forward to more postings!

  13. Hi Sarndra, I'm another reader of Down
    To Earth in real need of organisation! I'll be coming back to read more...

  14. Hi Sarndra, Rhonda sent me over to say 'hello'. Great blog, I like to be organised and will be visiting often.

    Pippa aka Grandmaibb

  15. Hi Sarndra I'm popping by via Rhondas blog. Feeling a need for and urge to do some reorganising in my life right now so her referral comes in a timely manner for me :) I read through you last few posts and like your blog :)

  16. Great post! I organized my wardrobe yesterday and found things I forgot I had - instant wardrobe boost!


  17. Hi Sarndra,

    Your lovely mil suggested her readers come and check out your Blissfully Organized Blog and I have enjoyed it very much. I live far far away, in northeast Ohio on the southern shores of Lake Erie, part of the border between the US and Canada. I love the way that blogging has allowed kindred spirits to find one another and share their ideas. What a good thing that you are getting so organized before your baby arrives! I wish you everything well for the birth of your baby and your life as a family!

  18. HI Sarndra, I'm visiting from Rhonda's blog over at Down to Earth :) :) Your blog is really delightful and organizational tips are always useful :) :) I'll definitely be visiting again. Greetings to you and your family from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  19. Hi Sarndra. I found your blog through Rhonda's blog. I really.... need help with organising and decluttering. I look forward to reading more of your blog. xxoo

  20. Hi Sarndra, Just popped over from Rhonda's blog, thought I would say 'Hi, and welcome to the world of blogging'. I have just reorganized all my clothes into colours as well. Will be following your journey. I am in the process of organising and giving a home to all things in our home. I will appreciate all the hints you share. Thank you.
    Cheers, Deb

  21. Hi Sarndra, popping over from Rhondas blog and am now following you. I am in great need of organisation, but first need to let go and declutter :)

  22. Hi Sarndra
    I've been following Rhonda's blog for several years, so feel I already "know" you a bit (that's creepy, isn't it?!).
    I've been especially interested in your pregnancy as I am also expecting in July, although this is our third baby.
    I've been excited every time Rhonda mentioned something about you and Peanut, but I'm even more excited you've started your own blog!!
    ~Melanie in Canada

  23. Hi there, your M-I-L sent me. So glad I came. I need a bit of inspiration regarding organising. As you get older and have time for more hobbies you just collect too much "stuff". I need to have a sort out so I will be popping by for motivation.
    Can I give you a tip regarding baby clothes? My younger daughter always puts the clean clothes away in 'sets', ie. tights, dress, cardigan etc that match. That way the babe always looks good even on the days Daddy gets her ready LOL.

  24. Welcome to "Blogland"! Your MIL was so sweet to introduce you today. LOVE your ideas! And good luck with the Peanut!

  25. Hi Sarndra, I'm Rose and I came over from Rhonda's too, I'm just about to sign up to follow you. I like the look of your blog, I love lists and organising! I've been married to a free spirited Aquarian for thirty five years so we balance each other well. :) Lots of luck with the blog.

  26. Hi Sarndra, what a fantastic blog, it's now in my favourites. I'm Sue, I moderate over at Rhonda's and love to organise also (mainly in my head though) I look forward to more interesting posts.

  27. Hi Sarndra, great blog, I have added you to my favourites! I found you via Rhonda's blog and look forward to using some of your organising techniques to attempt to organise my cluttered home!!
    I always have ideas but lack the motivation so I figure if I read other people's organisational success stories and methods, I may get that subtle kick up the bum that I need lol.

    PS...I can't wait to "meet" your little bundle!!

  28. HI Sarndra, I am one of many who have come over from Rhonda's blog. I look forward to learning more about organizing, I need all the help I can get! One of my fave organizing blogs is Chez Larsson, if you have not seen it I think you would enjoy it. Here is the link- I have bookmarked you and will now click on after I read Rhonda's blog. karen from CT

  29. Hi Sarndra....yes, you guessed it, another 'sent' from Rhonda. It sounds like being sent to the principal/headmaster's office! But, of course it's for the opposite reason--as a reward not for punishment! You have a great blog. I posted a longer comment under 10 May post.

    Blessings--draw close to God, your husband, yourself & the Earth and all will go well for the most exciting adventure of motherhood coming soon.

    Cape Town, South Africa

  30. HI Sarndra, I'm visiting from Rhonda's blog, funny thing is my 19yo daughters boyfriend decided to reorganise her floor-drobe. she now has her clothes either hung up or folded in drawers. YAY

  31. I too enjoy your MIL's blog. I read a couple entries down about what types of items to have for a baby. I definitely recommend a jogging stroller, even if you're not a jogger. Your baby will need to be able to sit up a bit to use it, but they are wonderful. They push easily and making walking and getting outdoors a joy. Perhaps when your winter passes, it will be something you'll be able to get...........Denise

  32. Hi Sarndra,
    Just came over from Rhondas blog. I know I am going to appreciate your organising tips.

  33. Hi Sarndra, I too am a long time follower of Rhonda's blog. Love anything to do with being organised I have twoteenagers so live in constant choas!
    Keep up the great writing

  34. Hi Sarndra, I have been following Rhonda's Blog for sometime and it was delightful reading yours. I look forward to coming back and having a wee read.. Blessings

  35. Hi Sarndra,

    I too have popped over from Down to Earth and am so pleased that I did. You write beautifully and the content is great; I don't suppose you could do a long post on organising your time at some point as I never seem to have enough hours in the day to fit everyting in!

    I have joined your followers and put your blog in my favourites and so will be popping in often so I can gain some of your organizing skills.

    Keep up the great work and thank-you for helping us all out.

    Kindest regards
    Gail x

  36. Hi Sarndra,

    I found your blog through Rhonda Jean and I am really looking forward to your thoughts on organizing. I run so hot and cold on organization. I'm just fine on some things like paying bills, laundry and the garden, but oh boy do I fall short on other things like putting things back where they belong...I have five pairs of scissors because I can never seem to find a pair when I want them! I'm anxious to read your suggestions for ways to organize things. Best wishes to you, Shane and little Peanut. All of Rhonda Jean's readers have been awaiting your sweet baby's birth with joy!!

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

  37. I too orgnanise my clothes by colours.
    Our walk in robe has also lots of storage boxes organised by theme. These hold a variety of things that I like to keep in the house rather than in the garage but are all labelled and stored neatly. I recently (while nesting!) labelled the boxes (like photos and videos of our children's births) that need to be grabbed in the case of an emergency. Other than those, we have a super tall white cane basket with a lid that I picked up off the side of the road years ago (was in perfect nick) and this stores mine and hubby's shoes.
    Love seeing how others organise their wardrobes.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Lusi x

  38. Hi Melanie,
    Its lovely to 'meet' you through Rhonda's blog. Congrats on your baby also due in july- exciting isnt it?? Not long to go now. All the best Xo
    Eileen, hi, great tip on babys clothes- thanks! I can imagine clothes could get out of control especially when you are given so many hand-me-downs (which i love :-)) Thanks xx
    Hi Rose and Sue, thanks for following :-) I look forward to reading your organising tips too, we can all do with help and advice from others :-) xo

  39. Hi karen- yes i absolutely adore Chez larrson too- what a fantastic women with an amazing home!! i would love to have a house that looked like an ikea disply home :-) Thanks for visiting xo

  40. Hi lovelovinghorses,
    thankyou so much for visiting. what a great idea to do apost on time management. something i get asked about quite alot. i will keep it in mind :-) have you by chance visited Marcia's blog called Organising Queen? She gives the Best advice to do with time management- definitely wirth checking out. All the best xo

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  42. Hi Sarndra-what a great blog you have! I thought my daughter Gigi and I were the only ones to sort clothes like that-it is nice to see that we aren't totally OCD. I know I will be visiting here all the time!

  43. Hi Jimmie, thanks so much for visiting! yes scissors are one of those items that are always missing. I have a pair on a long string hanging from the same hook that hangs the kitchen calender- its really handy as they are stuck there and cant go missing! I also keep a pair in a mug filled with pens, higlighters and a ruler, on my desk. All the best xo

  44. Hi Lusi,
    so nice to 'meet' you, i look forward to looking thru your blog when i have time :-) its lovely to meet other organising fanatics :-) take care xx

  45. I also found you through Rhonda's blog on Sunday. I really enjoyed looking through your posts and wanted to say that I especially enjoyed the photo's.

    I am a (recovering) glossy magazine junkie and I am finding that Blogs such as yours are satisfying my desire to look at nice things and also give me that little kick of inspiration that the mags used to give.


  46. I have just put away my Winter clothes, and in the middle of switching to my Summer wardrobe. I feel like I have a boutique, doing some makeovers, and planning new combinations, which I enjoy. I colour code also, and I now clip silk scarves and Pashmina's on skirt hangers, so there are no folds in them. I used to fold them and then have to iron one as needed, so one day I got this idea, and wonder why I didn't think of doing that years ago!

  47. Love your blog. Discovered it yesterday and organised photos on the computer. It's the wardrobe's turn today. I'm storing summer clothes in the top of the wardrobe, normally my unused space. Gotta go out now and buy some see-through boxes to complete the job!