Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Dishes

I love little dishes to store little things in. For some reason I don't regard something as clutter if it is in something else. If like objects are stored neatly together within the boundaries of a vessel, it makes me happy, even if it is out on show and not away in a cupboard. Of course, this only applies to a certain degree. If I have 1 or 2 little dishes on the window sill, I am happy. If there were, say, 20 little dishes on the window sill, I'd be unhappy.  This little dish is for rubber bands and twist ties, and belongs on top of the fridge.

The next little dish is for Shane's chef buttons, and belongs on his desk. After ironing his chef jacket for that day, I hang it nearby on the hallway cupboard door. It makes sense to have the buttons kept close to where the clean jacket is hung.

How sweet is this tiny dish- like a little fry pan. Its perfect for the stud earings that I wear most often, and my rings hang on the handle. Behind is another cutie just for hair pins. These are on my window sill in the bathroom. Most of these were bought from a kitchen supplies store, or from second-hand stores.

On the subject of jewellery, here are more (worn less often) stud earings in a gorgeous antique blue glass dish, and behind are a few of my dangly earings hanging from a little jewellery stand. These belong in our bedroom.

A little bowl for gem stones and a tiny dish (which is actually a green-tea cup) for the key that locks the kitchen window screen. A little ornamental frog sits by watching me do the dishes in the morning.

This little red square dish holds something special- a guitar pick from one of my favourite bands- I caught it at one of their concerts years ago :-)

Also there is my collection of foreign coins from my over-seas travels in a sweet little pot.

Do you use little dishes for organising or keeping special things in too?


  1. I'm a lover of small wicker basket for what knots...I'm afraid our cat would knock and break dishes..

  2. Oh your naughty cat! Lol my friend also has a cat like that :-) Our cat is happy to stay on the lounge, floor and bed luckily (although sometimes she likes walking across my laptop)

  3. I have a few dishes on the kitchen windowsill. One is a little cat food dish where I put my rings when I take them off (to garden, cook or wash-up), it also currently has dried pumpkin seeds in it (which I should really put in a little envelope and away in the seed container (an old biscuit tin). Next to that is a small ceramic oven dish that I use to put near-ripe fruit/vegies in when I take them from the garden to finish them off away from the slugs and snails (tomatoes etc.). The third 'dish' is actually a small mug whose handle broke off, this is where I keep half a dozen pegs (they used to just sit on the windowsill but had a habit of falling off). We use the pegs to close off the bread bag, bags of frozen veg etc. to keep them fresh, DH isn't patient enough to use twist-ties or bread ties, but will remember to use a peg at least 75% of the time ;) I also have a small dish in the pantry where the 'charged' rechargeable batteries are kept until they are needed, and a little raised dish on the hall stand which is my 'drop zone' for keys, watch and a couple of favourite bracelets. Can't really have dishes elsewhere in the house due to a cat that enjoys knocking things down.

    P.S. loving your blog Sarndra :)

  4. I have a cute etched glass dish with a lid sitting on the bathroom vanity. It holds all my daughter hairbands as this is where I do her hair each morning for school. It satisfies my need to have the area tidy and its pretty to look at! Perfect!


  5. Hi Sarndra, I love those dishes. It's a great idea. My son knows the band the pick is from. He likes them too. He's a metal head and plays himself ; )
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Helen, Pegs are great that way. Seems to be a common thread here about mishievous cats :-)

    Hi Lisa, I love pretty dishes too, and especially those with a lid.

    Hello Monique and hi to your son- he obviously has great taste in music :)

    Happy Sunday everyone!

  7. Hehe :) Loved the little pan thing :) But I should admit I have many times more jewelry and that I need a real size pan to keep them in :)


    Blogger is crazy these days, won't let me comment half the time, grrr...

    I have little dishes sitting about as well. I use teacups at the kitchen sink, a bone dish on my desk, a celluloid powder dish on my dresser.

    Love your blog. I'm new to it but I've enjoyed it.

  9. I was just thinking over the weekend that I need more pretty little dishes and bowls to keep things in. A timely post! :) I think some thrifting is in store. ;)

  10. I LOVE your little "pan" dish - that is adorable.

    I also have a couple lying around - I should take pics :)