Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hi all,
I have been corrected on my comments about TV shows on Hoarders in my previous post- and I do apologise for this mistake. My aim in my last post was to tell you my personal experience with a hoarder, a lovely lady who I got to know over a couple of days and who I have a lot of respect for. I am so happy to hear that those TV programs do in fact use psychologists to help the people.
Thanks for forgiving me this error :-)
Xx Sarndra


  1. There are several versions of "hoarder" shows here in the USA on different tv channels. There is even one show about animal hoarders on the animal channel.

    There seems to be an epidemic of hoarding here and attention is finally being brought to light on the subject. Most of the shows involve a therapist but I've seen a couple of shows that don't.

    I love that you were willing to spend time with that lady. Sometimes "time" is more valuable and does more good than professional knowledge.

  2. Thank you Anita, I really appreciate your comment.
    Animal hoarders? That would be interesting. We have Bower birds here in Australia that collect blue items to decorate their nest to attract the female- so beautiful :-) I wouldn't call them hoarders though. It's interesting that they collect blue things- not too many natural items are blue so I wonder how this behaviour evolved.
    Thanks so much for visiting, I wish you a lovely day.

  3. Hee, hee, hee. My comment lost a little something in the translation. I meant shows about people that hoard animals. Like a man that slept in his car while his hundreds of pet rats lived in the house. Or a lady that had 60 cats (some pregnant) but she didn't have a place to sleep. The conditions in their houses are horrible!

  4. lol at the confusion above! I, too, was picturing little magpies and dogs with collections of cuddly toys...

    If you got the initial impression that Hoarders was a bit harsh, then it probably was. I think everyone has a different tolerance for the sensationalism behind "reality" shows. I know some of the programmes can be life-changing for some individuals but I often wonder at the raw carnage left behind after the production crew moves on.
    So you're not alone with your original comments, Sarndra.
    Keep enjoying your blog,
    Karen (Scotland)

  5. Oh Anita sorry about misunderstanding- LoL I guess I wanted to jump to the 'nicest' conclusion there!! Thats terrible about that show- definitely one I couldn't watch :-/ All those rats and awful.
    Thanks for your lovely comments Karen, its nice to know I wasn't alone there :-)